When hell freezes over... we'll plow there too!

About Us

What is H & H Snowplowing? Basically a roofing company that doesn't  know how to relax in the winter time.... We have been plowing snow in the Spokane area for over 15 years now. One of the amazing things about that is most of our current customers are the same ones that we have had from the very beginning. That is an achievement by it self in the snow plow business. H & H is a full service snow and ice management company. From snow plowing lots to dealing with all forms of ice using both solid and liquid deicer.  When your snow piles start to grow into mountains we offer snow stacking and snow haul-off services. If your just curious about the best way to handle the snow management of your own facility our 15 years of experience can answer a lot of questions of the best way to handle it.

All services are complete by H & H. We do not use any sub contractors. We are also a commercial-only plow company.  Specializing in commercial-only has given us the knowledge on how to efficiently complete large plows in minimal time.Unfortunately we consider apartment complexes to be residential and will only refer these to other contractors. The reason is we commence our operations during the night time hours only. The idea is to let our crew rest during the day and prepare for continuing storm surges. We do offer daytime emergency plowing to existing customers if needed to keep the drives open. Other than that, its to dangerous to plow around cars and pedestrian traffic. Last thing we want to do is run over a customer..... But we would like the customer to be able to get in and spend some money as well.

Our Service

In the snow plowing business, there is a fine line between over service and under service. Communication is the best way to establish a relationship. Once we understand how your business operates we can plan our services accordingly to try and provide the best service possible. Sometimes people request a guarantee to have their lot plowed by a certain time... My response is "if you can guarantee what time its going to snow and how much we are going to get I can guarantee a time" Usually brief silence follows. I think most start to think about how their weatherman said no snow and there is now 5 inches in their parking lot... We do offer Priority 1 service and are very good about making it happen at all costs if that's what you need. But this is a business and in order to make this work we have to have more than one account. One thing we don't do is spread ourselves to thin. We only maintain enough accounts that we can cover with what trucks we have and still have a back up truck. A back up plan is always good to have.


For snowplowing, we bill on flat rates based on depth. We do not bill hourly. The reason for this is that we want to get in and out as fast as possible. All truck plows that we use are V-Plows designed to push the maximum amount of snow with each pass. These plows also have the ability to push the snow better to areas that can best accommodate the snow instead of just pushing it into the nearest landscaping.

Our Equipment

For large accounts we utilize 16' sectional snow plows mounted on front end loaders. These tools are expensive to use but provide some hidden savings. Unlike other push plows, these have steel cutting edges so they do a great job of removing compact snow and ice which equals a cleaner lot. It also has the ability to push the snow farther distances out of the way and stack the snow. This alone can prevent costly haul off expense.

De-Ice Service

If you like to have an ice free lot then our deice service is something you will be interested in.  Most people like how it can work for several days to keep their lot frost free. Black ice is no match for it and it also helps to keep snow from sticking to the pavement when plowing is required. Some people have had a bad experience with liquid deice from other contractors. Which is sad because when used properly, it is a great tool to keep your lot safe. I have seen other contractors deicing slush. Or putting it down several nights in a row when there hasn't been any moisture to dilute what was put down the night before. I've even seen a guy deicing a lot when it was 43 degrees out and had been raining for 3 hours already. That's not us.. We try to use it properly and reasonably. Most likely you wont even notice the service. We have had people cancel it because its hard to see the value and didn't think they needed the added expense. Until  they went without it that is. Its like cleaning your house. You don't notice it until it hasn't been done. You Generally you will only notice when your lot is icy not when is safe. We've gotten the ole " just keep doing what you've been doing" phone call more than once.

Aftermath Cleanup

We also do aftermath cleanup. This is basically post storm services like sidewalks, snow staking, or snow hauling. The city states that you are responsible to clear the snow from your sidewalk with in 24 hours of a storm or you could be subject to a ticket. Now we know that this is a pointless timeframe due to the fact that the city takes longer than that to plow the streets. I think just about everyone has experienced the joy of trying to get through a snow plow berm. And if your property is located on an arterial then you've had the pleasure of being plowed in repeatedly for one storm. These plow berms can be several feet high and hard as ice. We have tools that are great for opening your sidewalks back up. These activities are best completed after the city plows are done. Once completed the kids walking to school will thank you!

Snow Stacking and Haul-Off

Sometimes we get hit with one storm after another and you can start feeling a little claustrophobic in your own parking lot from all the snow. These piles just continue to grow encroaching on your parking spaces. There's two services we provide to combat this. First is to stack the snow. A truck can only pile the snow so high. So if space starts to get tight then bringing in a Skidsteer for small lots or a Frontend Loader for large lots can reclaim precious real estate by stacking the existing piles higher. This can reduce the pile by as much as 50%. This can be a gamble though. This really only buys time. If the storms keep rolling in then it just puts off the inevitable snow haul off. If snow keeps falling then you can end up with no choice but to truck the snow off site. The good news is that you get your parking back! Something to keep in mind is where your snow is going to go if it needs to get evicted. The closer to your property the least expensive its going to be so try and have a plan on where to dump the snow ahead of time. We have several places to dump snow as but again closer is better. Both snow stacking and snow hauling are pro-active services. They are something that you want to do before its to late. You can end up out of parking or cut off from areas entirely with one good storm. 

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